Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become a staple in our day to day lives. In 2016 the New York Times reported that the average user spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook alone. Combine this with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat, Messengers, Linkedin, and all the other Social Media outlets, and you can quickly see how important Social Media Marketing has become.
Getting the right message to the right person and the right time it the key to any successful marketing campaign. If more and more people are engaging in the Social media buzz, then Social Media Marketing is a must!

Social Media Marketing has become so popular today that all the major Social Outlets are starting to require certifications in order to Market on their platforms properly. Digital Perception is certified in many on these outlets and continuing to enlarge our scope of certifications. Our team of Certified Experts know how to gain the social buzz your business needs in order to reach your clientele properly.

How Important Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media has become so strong in today’s world that more and more people find themselves reviewing products, services, user experience online. They share these experiences with their friends, and peers, word of mouth goes a long way. With this change in tides, the major search engines have started adapting to this and have made social media an important aspect of in SEO rankings. Social signals are a must nowadays in Search Engine Optimization.

With the Search Engines taking these factors into consideration reputation management has also become an important role in social media marketing. Handling positive comments or concerns is just as important as handling the negative comments and concerns. Most businesses don’t have time for this level of management and that’s where Digital Perception can help.

We are qualified in reputation management and know how to deal with pre and post sales comments and concerns. Our experts take your brand in hand and handle all situation delicately and professionally to ensure no customer is left feeling unappreciated.

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