Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is a very successful and affordable tool in digital marketing. With recent crackdowns on unsolicited emails, you need an agency who knows the laws and workarounds to continue to excel in the field of Email Marketing. Digital Perception is a leader in this field.

With over 2 decades of experience in email marketing, we know the right message to send, the frequency in which to send the message, and how to ensure your email list complies with all anti-spam regulations.
Did you know Google used to offer certifications in Gmail? Digital Perception is one of the few agencies who actually acquired this certification. Our experts know the ins and outs of web-based email systems. We are also trained and extremely experienced in Gmail Ads, and other forms of Display network marketing that appear in web-based email systems.

Experienced Email Marketing Service

Our team of certified experts can walk you through the most effective techniques in email marketing, which are key to a successful campaign. We can also provide you with detailed reporting, letting you know the key points of the campaign in regards to who opened your message, how many times your message was seen, what percentage of people didn’t open your message, and the actions that were taken within the message. All of these tools plus more are used to measure your campaign and build a successful and qualified list of clients you can contact about special events, services, or sales on a regular basis.

When used properly customers have seen an increase in sales and leads of up to 40%, and have increased recurring sales by over 30%. Contact one of our specialists today, and let Digital Perception help you increase your business and bring you the sales and leads your business deserves.

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