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Our Mission Statement is clear, we succeed when you succeed! Our team of qualified experts are experienced in all elements of Digital Marketing. We are driven to build your business, and build relationships with our clients that will last. We can build strategies that revolve around email marketing, brand awareness, off-site SEO, On Site SEO, and backlink profiling in Montreal. Start the process with our FREE website Audit. There’s no obligation and it’s a service we offer all our customers and potential customers. Once you’ve run the FREE audit, we welcome you to consult with one of our experts and they will give you the pointers needed to improve your site. All of this is done 100% FREE and a way for us to show you, we truly care about your SERP rankings.

Over the Past years Search Engine Optimization has come a long way. As SEO’s it’s our responsibility to keep up to date on current changes and deliver value to our end user. The biggest changes that have occurred are the way Google reads external signals. Now more than ever, being active on Social media, and out digital outlets is important. This is where choosing the right Digital Marketing firm is key. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do, because we know what it takes to be on top. Whether it’s on-Page SEO, Off-site SEO, or campaigns built around Email Marketing, we have the expertise required to get the job done right.

Our Local SEO Service in Montreal and the rest of Eastern Canada is very simple. We excel at bringing new visitors to your website while converting them into leads and increasing your ROI. This may sound simple but the key to success relies on Local SEO. In the Montreal area companies are striving to gain new business, but if your business isn’t designed to cater to out of city or out of province customers, then you’re wasting valuable money and resources marketing to them. This is where Digital Perception can help. We are one of the only Montreal SEO companies that specializes in Local SEO and driving valid leads to your site and to your door. Our proven Local Inbound marketing strategies are custom built to your needs and are backed by guaranteed results. Simply put, if we don’t deliver you don’t pay! Now that truly is Canada’s Top Rated SEO company.

SEO has been a challenge over the past years. Getting websites to rank properly has become more and more demanding. Applying best Google’s best practices on a web page to help rank higher in the SERP isn’t always enough. Google’s Algorithm is getting smarter and smarter and is coming to a point of saying no more SEO! What does this mean for struggling websites? Montreal’s #1 Local SEO company has a simple answer for you. SEO is no longer in the form as we see it today. In Today’s changing world you must be active and give your end user the best possible user experience. Digital Perception is a known leader in this field. Our experts have extensive experience in Social Media Marketing. We can give your business the right SEO signals that the top search engines are looking for, to get you ranked better.


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